"Carlos Mendes, who works under the name CIAS, is a painter and tattoo artist with a penchant toward ancient art history."

by Andy Smith @Hi-fructose

Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1977. A very curious person from a young age, early on started to draw and read everything I could comprehend, later blooming into a passion for art and history that permeates my life to this day.

After working in the design, desktop publishing and illustration industries for almost a decade, I started to get interested in tattooing and with a friend opened my first studio.

Along the way I continued to work on my skills both in painting and drawing, slowly figuring out the direction of my art and reading profusely about history and the people that made it. All of it culminating in a homage to the great masters in my first solo exhibition “Indelible” in 2019.

I mostly used Charcoal and some dry pastels back then, but since then am completely in love with soft pastels and I keep practicing and perfecting my skills with this wonderful medium at the same time as I focus mostly on portraiture, which in turn reflects my recent preference of reading mostly biographical works.